HABAS, BRACHA (1900–1968), Hebrew writer and editor; wife of david hacohen . Born in Alytus, Lithuania, she was taken to Palestine in 1907. After a period of teaching she turned to journalism, serving on the editorial board of the newspaper Davar (1935–53) and of the Am Oved publishing house. Among other publications she edited Davar li-Yladim and Devar ha-Shavu'a. Her books include: Ḥomah u-Migdal ("Stockade and Tower," 1939); Korot Ma'pil Ẓa'ir ("Story of a Young Immigrant," 1942): Derakhim Avelot ("Paths of Mourning," on the DP camps and the Jewish Brigade, 1946); David Ben-Gurion ve-Doro (1952); Pagodot ha-Zahav ("Golden Pagodas," Burmese legends, 1959); Benot Ḥayil (on Palestinian ATS volunteers, 1964); Ḥayyav u-Moto shel Joop Westerweel ("The Life and Death of Joop Westerweel," 1964); Tenu'ah le-Lo Shem ("Movement without a Name," on volunteer work by veteran settlers among new immigrants, 1965); He-Ḥaẓer ve-ha-Givah ("The Yard and the Hill," the story of kevuẓat kinneret , 1968). A list of her works translated into English appears in Goell, Bibliography, 28, 88, 96. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: J. Harari, Ishah va-Em be-Yisrael (1958), 470f.; R. Katznelson, Massot u-Reshimot (1947), 207: Kol Kitvei… G. Schoffmann, 5 (1960), 130f.: Tidhar, 3 (1949), 1128f.; 16 (1967), 5001f. (Getzel Kressel)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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